The son of Colombian narkobarona Pablo Escobar Roberto Escobar Cendoya said that he has information about where stored the lost treasure of the cartel. Such a statement he made before going into print his book “the Son of Escobar. Firstborn”.

The man said that he is not precisely known, the combination of what treasure he has. According to him, is stored in the cache not cash, but something very valuable.

In case of detection of a treasure the son of a drug Lord in a live BBC News has promised to send most of it to charity, “to counteract the fact that Pablo Escobar did to the population of the world.”

The man now lives in Mallorca, he took the name of Philip Whitcomb. He said that for a long time did not know who his biological father is, but vaguely remembers a firefight that killed a woman in a red dress is his mother. Late foster father, the men were told that the shooting arose when secret intelligence service of great Britain MI-6 conducted a special operation to return the stolen cash reserve drug Lord. Then the MI6 agent took pity of the child and adopted him. Subsequently, Whitcomb was able to meet with his father. As he argues in his book the British government tried to control money laundering and drug trafficking, writes

It is noted that in the birth certificate of Roberto Escobar Cendoya not written by father Pablo Escobar, but such a mark in the certificate of baptism.

As reported earlier, the brother of Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar was suspected of fraud. Blogger from the USA I decided to order the advertised smartphone, Roberto Escobar and analyze it.