the Son of a Russian producer Bari Alibasov estimated the chances of the father’s recovery in an interview with “Fifth channel”.

According to him, the producer was dying, but a methadone clinic he was able to save. Then Alibasov was again hospitalized, this time in the main drug treatment hospital in Moscow, where he was diagnosed with Korsakoff’s psychosis. It is a mental disorder in patients with chronic alcoholism, combined with polyneuritis, and is characterized by gross memory impairment

Alibasov Jr. added that the producer was discovered irreversible damage of the cerebral cortex. He also noted that the chances of recovery of the actor are estimated at two percent.

In late June, it was reported that Bari Alibasov moved from a drug treatment clinic in mental health due to amnestic syndrome triggered by alcohol consumption. This condition is characterized by memory disorder in which the patient remembers what has happened before, but may not remember current events.