The leader of the Russian band Uma2rman Vladimir Kristovskiy told that unknown persons robbed his house in Khimki, while he and his family were in the country. Appropriate personnel, the musician has published in his Instagram account.

Publish from Vladimir Kristovskiy (@vova_kristovskiy) 20 Jun 2020 12:23 PDT

According to Kristovsky, the attackers broke into the house through a window on the first floor and then went upstairs to the bedroom and opened the safe with the weapon.

“when I left, he made the inscription: "Dear thieves, this safe, no jewelry, no money. Don’t waste your time.quot;”, — told the artist.

He noted that the thieves still decided to check the veracity of the notes and revealed the hiding place. However, rifles out, they did not take. According to Kristovsky, the criminals only put things in the bedroom a mess and took away some ornaments of his wife Olga. But then intruders are scared and they ran away.