the investigation of the criminal case against the cashier Louise khayrullina from the Bashkir city of Salavat and her husband, Marat, who stole from the Russian agricultural Bank 23 million rubles, was completed. The investigation established that the crime involved both spouses. Husband and wife stole money from the Bank for almost two years from September 2017 to may 2019. These means the head of the family spent on bets in different bookmakers. When it became known about the audit, the couple with a million, he decided to run.

what punishment can wait Khayrullinykh, told “MK” the lawyer Voropaeva Alla. Your view of events presented social activist Azamat Galin, which in the first stage, promised that if the fugitive cashier’s caught, he will pay her lawyer.


— to be a complex Process, the volume of business is large enough, it includes 12 volumes, — said Alla Voropaeva. — A charge approved. They both, Louise and Khairullin, Marat Khairullin, held under part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code (misappropriation of funds in especially large size). But we have some reasons to hope for a lenient sentence.

— On this article provides punishment till 10 years of imprisonment with a fine of up to one million rubles.

— There are circumstances in life that inspired Louise Khairullin to commit a crime and they are softening. I think that the court will hear us, and the sentence will be the most soft.

what time can we talk?

— I’m not a predictor. The court will decide. There are moments in the criminal procedure code which allow for mitigation of punishment below the lowest limit, so to speak. My client fully repented. She’s not some rabid criminal.

Went on about my husband?

— so, unfortunately, many women have big problems, thanks to the husbands.

Louise Khairullina looks like, what her mood?

— the Contents in the jail we have is adequate. She looks fine, her health is all right. Like any mother, she greatly misses her children. Daughters she hasn’t seen since his detention nearly a year.

— Children should not be lead to visits to the detention facility?

In jail, pending trial, no. Then, when it is punished, it will be possible.

— When, in your opinion, will be the first meeting of the court? And how many months can last trial?

— I think the first court session it is necessary to wait somewhere in August. As regards the trial, I think that in three or four months we should meet.

Marat Khairullin is under house arrest. With him are his two children. He repented?

Oh, He’s as SOTRoudnice with the investigation, as Louise.


to Comment on the event, we also asked the Bashkir public figure, the scientist and entrepreneur Azamat Galina, which is the first phase when the cashier with his family fled with stolen millions in an unknown direction, and promised, if she was caught, offer to pay for her lawyer.

After their escape he raised a large wave of social approval. People are just tired of the creditors, from the fact that they are constantly being robbed, — says Azamat Galin. — When we originally formed the group and of the defenders, offered his legal assistance, we proceeded from the fact that the cashier Louise Khairullina were in good standing. She spent 10 years working in the banking system, credible, were required, and punctual. She had minor children. The family was considered prosperous by local standards, is wealthy. They built a two-storey house, paid the mortgage for a Studio apartment, had a car. We wondered why these wealthy people decided on such a foolhardy act? What moved them when they made the decision to steal the money?

called Them a modern Bonnie and Clyde (famous American robbers operating at the time of the great depression).

People tend to romanticize the lucky robbers. In social networks Hayrullina was initially presented as fighters against injustice, as the people who opposed the Bank of the bondage. Remember the hashtag #runluizarun (“run Louise run”), which appeared in the network? On the run they were 38 days and was detained in a rented apartment in Kazan. In the end it turned out that there is no history of this in any of the romanticism and heroism. It ended quite prosaic. It turned out that the stolen money, the head of the family is banal lost. And against Khairullin immediately changed.

Residents of Salavat in this story more than just spare children. Daughters Louise and Marat are now 9 and 13 years.

Under house arrest could be and Louise Khairullina. But as I explained to lawyers, there was one procedural subtlety. According to the article, which they were charged, sent to trial to the detention facility only in the case if the suspect has a tendency to stray. Khairullina and Louise were in fact wanted. This decided the case. Because originally the criminal case was brought not against both of them, but only in relation to his wife-the cashier.

— with what money, under house arrest, he now lives? Dependent on him after two children.

— He flew to Moscow, participated in the television program, received a fee. I think that these tools he now lives.

Marat Khayrullin for��ome part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation, filed charges under part 3 of article 33 of complicity in the crime as the organizer. He at one time was also a Bank clerk. From 2002 to 2005, was replaced by four banks.

I don’t know what they will be line of defense, but I can assume that they now try to shift the blame of Marat Khairullin. To be sent to the colony, but Louise was given a suspended sentence. But we must remember that in any case, this does not exempt them from compensation.

the Case of Louise and Marat Khayrullinykh will be considered in Salavat city court.