the New device has provided specialist Berezovsky center of social service Vera Zvereva in the online meeting, the heads of Ugra with the developers of the projects on artificial intelligence. The system is equipped with voice recognition function, it is able to answer almost any questions relating to how the overall activities of the institution and its individual professionals. All questions are answered by the robot without the participation of a specialist.

Response for the user’s convenience is provided in text, graphic and audio form.

– in the presence of an object in the area of the sensor information, the system begins the dialogue with the user automatically, – said Vera Zvereva.

– You are moving in the right direction, commented on the development of Natalia Komarova. The neural network will answer any question calmly and kindly, provide the required information, and no need for it to distract anyone from the staff.

the head of the Ugra recommended that the Department for social development to include the development of Faith Zvereva in the plan of measures on increase of efficiency of social services of the region’s population.

in addition, during the event, the Governor presented the project of the automated information system “Search”, the system of satellite monitoring of fire situation in the forests of Ugra, intelligent service for the diagnosis and prevention of complications in patients on hemodialysis.

Presenting the project “Service neural network identification of routes of public transport”, the General Director of the scientific-technical center “System management” Dmitry Tey told me that his goal is to organize an automatic moving public transport and traffic routes.

– This service is in high demand. But for various reasons the owners of transport companies of late update data about the buses on the routes. In this regard, we propose to eliminate from this system the human factor and information about movement of buses, their routes map to using neural networks, he said.

In the future updated information will be delivered in all services, providing users with information on public transport. Thus, information will be updated without human intervention online using much less resources.

– Ugra projects using artificial intelligence technologies are of interest because they focused on people aimed at solving specific problems. This is a very valuable feature of such projects, – said Natalia Komarova. – The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said: experience has shown how important it is to quickly and safely useü ample opportunities of digitalization not only in business but also in the fields of public services, education, medicine, and everyday life of people.