In a major operation against a suspected smuggling gang have been arrested Federal police in Berlin and Brandenburg, four main suspects. The three men and a woman are supposed to have arranged marriages of convenience in about 200 so far identified cases, as a spokesman for the Federal police, the German press Agency said. You will put a burden to the commercial smuggling of foreigners and organized. Up to Tuesday noon, 50 objects in three Federal States were searched in the Morning for the started action.

some 570 civil servants were involved in the operation against the alleged German-Serbian ties. According to the Federal police, the large-scale operation was carried out on behalf of the Prosecutor’s office in Berlin. The most searched apartments were districts in Berlin in the several city. In Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, two private homes were searched.

According to the spokesman, were arrested two German men, aged 51 and 63, a 51-year-old German woman and a 40-year-old Serb.

The investigation into allegations of gangs and commercial introduction of foreigners to run according to the speaker of the Federal police since October of 2017. The Prosecutor had the arrest warrants against four Accused before the searches obtained.

Up to 16,000 euros for a marriage of convenience

the fake marriages, the gang would have people from Pakistan, Nepal, and Albania want to make a permanent residence in Germany. Up to 16,000 euros are to be paid for each. “This has brought the people part also in dependencies,” said the spokesman.

For the marriages of convenience, the accused feigned spouse should have taught mainly from the southern and Eastern European space. In part, marriage certificates had been but also completely fake, so the accusation. As the authorities were on the alleged gang’s attention, not to say of the speaker “investigative reasons”. There is extensive evidence had been ensured in the medium, he said.

Recently investigators were in may with a RAID on Berlin and Brandenburg, against a German-taken Vietnamese gang of alleged people smugglers. Around 20 homes had been searched, three main suspects were arrested.

Because of the same suspicion, it was also in March, against a German-Vietnamese gang in a RAID of the police in Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Hesse. In September 2017, the Berlin police had uncovered a major fraud sham marriages between men from Nigeria and women from Portugal.