“Jäsodu!” it was yesterday in the Zurich, Bernhard-Theater from the farmer Heiri. The resumption of the “small” Niederdorf “Opera” celebrated a thunderous applause Premiere. 51 years ago the first performance of the legendary piece, was held, since then, a lot of big names, including Ruedi Walter (1916-1990), Ines Torelli (1931-2019) and Walter Roderer (1920-2012) have participated in the classic.

“It’s a piece of Zurich. A story and melodies that generations know and love,” says Erich Vock (57), not only plays the main role of the farmer Heiri, but also directing. This is also reflected in the sales figures: Already now about 21’000 people want the story of Heiri reputation, sold his calf, and in Zurich of his money for alcohol and young ladies, including Viola Tami (38) embodied Variété singer Olly Moreen, squandered.

most of them are repeat offenders

Many of the premiere guests were familiar with the performance from earlier. Including radio legend Elisabeth Fast (89), which was once part of the ensemble. “Today, I prefer watching from the auditorium. For me, this is nostalgia, pure and simple!”

With the ESC participants of 2018, the Zibbz-brothers and sisters, Corinne “Co” (34) and Stee Gfeller (32), were two of the few low village Opera novices in the audience. Stees girlfriend Sabrina core (30) is to be seen in the role of Ruthlis to, of course, the musicians had a bouquet of roses at the ready: “I was against the idea, almost more nervous than you. However, already from the first tone, the enthusiasm spilled over to me. The “lower village Opera” is a cult!”