The Online propaganda of SVP national councillor Andreas Glarner (56) against a young Zurich-based teacher sparked nationwide outrage. Even members of his own party, condemn the Aargau, as various media reported.

According to the “Tages-Anzeiger” stayed out of the popular teacher in the last days of the school – to the great chagrin of their students. On Facebook a woman whose daughter had according to the description of teaching in the concerned teacher says: your older girls, the first class visits, no more do not understand why their beloved teacher is coming to school: “Because there’s a stupid grown man”, which is to say calls, the teacher’s opinion, she had to explain to the Little ones.

“are you Ashamed that you are already taking children to hope in the Good in people,” said the woman to Glarus. She hopes that on his removal from office.

To comfort your Post to be published, the mother of a drawing made by the daughter to her teacher. The first-grader writes a little bumpier spelling: “I hope the ales Wiedr well

” Just the parents via a control

informs On Tuesday Glarus had published the mobile phone number and E-Mail address of the teacher on Facebook and asked to tell her opinion. That’s only because he finds it scandalous that she informed the parents of a Muslim student that he should move for the Muslim almost Bayram break extra a no Jokertag. You oriented just about the rules that apply to all school children in the same way, regardless of Religion and origin. The phone rang storm, and there were abuse mails.

it is Not the first such action

in the Meantime, it is known that Glarners action will have a legal aftermath. So far, Glarners actions remained unpunished. For example, he has excited about the fact that students do not take fresh and more on school trips, because Muslims are disturbed at the pork.

As the Glarner 2018 made a list of students to the public, to show that in this dübendorf class were almost the only foreigners, was spanned by the arch for many already.

Good news for Elena

The little Elena may in any case looking forward: your teacher will judge according to the Tele M1 from Tuesday again. (pt)