with The F11 (with all of the clubs except for Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Genk, Gent, Standard, and B8 (as the clubs 1B), are in the way. They will leave shortly with a loud voice to their discontent about the way in which the Pro-League, a collection of 24 professional clubs, such coronacrisis deal with it. A solid communication in this regard is the first step.

After the meeting held on Wednesday, hoping the K11 and B8 of clarity about the future of our league. F11 and B8 argue almost unanimously for the shutdown and for a first-class, with 18 clubs for next season, without the playoffs. In this way, Waasland-Beveren are in the top division, and get VIEWS and to Beerschot, which is now normal, against each other in a barragewedstrijd for a promotion, you need to play, too.

The disagreements on the board of directors of the Pro League, Anderlecht will have to be quite the competition, and even a play-off to finish in order to obtain a European, football-to-get – depends, for 19 out of the 24 clubs in your throat from it. That’s why a robust communications, and perhaps even taking action against the indecisiveness of the Pro League.