The first joke about his Goalie coach Peter Zeidler made on Wednesday. “We have considered that only the first name on the Jersey and not the last name.” Because under the load of the surname many zerbrächen. Klinsmann! A Name like thunder. Jürgen Klinsmann (54) was world and European champion, Uefa Cup winner, German champion, German national coach at the summer fairy tale of 2006, and Trainer of Bayern. His son Jonathan is since last week, when FC St. Gallen under the contract.

at the age of 22, he is, in April 1997, he was born in Munich, as the father occurred after a substitution against Freiburg in the advertising ton. In Newport Beach, California, he grew up, studied media Sciences at the prestigious University of Berkeley, playing in the U-national team of the USA.

“Klinsmann is on the Jersey

are” His Name is not crushing him – and not just because of his stature of 1.95 m. He feels him as an incentive. “My name is Klinsmann, and it should be on the Jersey.” Jonathan is proud of his father. Almost every day you are on the phone. “And I’m not a striker, which is measured at the gates of the father.”

In the Eastern part of Switzerland, he landed, because the St. gall were looking for the outlet of your monument to Daniel Lopar (34) a second Goalie and Klinsmann, after two years, was looking for number three at Hertha Berlin, a club where he can regularly play. “I want to become a regular goalie. And best of all with St. Gallen in the Europa League, that would be fantastic,” says Jung-checked on me, did not set itself against platzhirsch Dejan Stojanovic, however, still far from through.

Klinsmann was for the Hertha once in the EL-group stage, ran and held against Östersund (1:1) even a Penalty. “A great experience.” As all the time was in the Bundesliga, in which he lifted as a Goalie to a new level. “In Berlin I have to increase me in all areas, especially technically.” The explosiveness he worked by the way as a basketball player, he was 17 at the high school. The finishing touches he received in Berlin. Father Jürgen has just said of the “Berliner Morgenpost”: “Jonathan grew up in Berlin to the man.”

the Balance between ambition and looseness

gave it to him as a former world-class striker is also a lot on the way. One of the most important tips: “He said what to me the duels with Vedad Ibisevic (Hertha striker, ed.) in the Training showed: get big, move too early. The striker feels, how self-aware you are. And it is you who is the striker nervous.”

for A Thesis, which has always also Oliver Kahn, one of the teammates of the father. As Jürgen Klinsmann in 2008, took over Bayern as a coach, the way was Kahn just – it self after less than a year, however. Place entlie the Bayern bosses shot him. Jonathan experienced it all first hand, played in the time of the Munich young with Mehmets son, Lucas Scholl and Gianluca Gaudino, the current Young Boy. On the dismissal of the father Jonathan doesn’t like to talk. And yet he won her at the time to be Positive: “I saw the Good: I was able to get back home to California.”

“A very intelligent man,”

There, where he lived previously, and until his move to Berlin in the summer of 2017. Where you take, in his opinion, the perfect Balance between sporting ambition, and looseness. The father lived before him. “He always gives everything, but can switch off very well. He is a very intelligent man.”

Jürgen Klinsmann in front of train after the Bayern nor the US national team, rode her 2014 world championship-eighth-final. In California, he will be recognized, however, hardly. Otherwise ists in Germany, where he sparked the 2006 world Cup-third place unprecedented euphoria. Jonathan has no memories. “I was nine, and we lived far. I know that a lot was going on, as the Argentines (quarter-final, d. Red.) beat. And after the world Cup game for third place.”

Jurgen Klinsmann is sure to have a look over in St. Gallen. President Matthias Hüppi expects no later than the beginning of 2020, with a visit of the world champion of 1990. Quiero23

On son, it’s that until more about him is talking about the father.