The sky over Kiev was closed dense cloud of dust

Abnormal phenomena, the nature of which has not yet been set, observed in many parts of the country. Ukraine issued a first level warning of danger from a powerful hurricane. According to the State Emergency service of Ukraine the wind gusts will reach 22 meters per second.

Ukrainians actively discuss and post photos of the dust storm in social networks, reports the edition “Country.” How to write a Facebook lady Nina Tokareva, living in Kiev, the city was covered with a cloud of dust, the smell of which penetrated even through the Windows. The dust storm, which hampers the visibility on the roads is observed in all districts of the Ukrainian capital. Users talking about “judgment day” in the period of the pandemic. Experts advise Kiev to use a moisturizer or wet sheets for humidifying the premises.

however, according to meteorologists, in Kiev is extremely rare for these latitudes the phenomenon of dry wind, which is more characteristic of the desert, and also occurs in the desert during a drought. However, the humidity of the air in Kiev dropped to an abnormally low level of 29 percent, which is typical of the desert dry wind, which causes intensive water evaporation from the soil, from the surface of plants and reservoirs. In temperate latitudes, dust storms sometimes occur in spring after snow and not cold dry winter and autumn. To replace dusty storm, forecasters say Friday in Kyiv and most of Ukraine will come the cold snap.