the Emergence of such a variety of sources of statistical data provoked Friday’s decision of the Federal government to review the methodology of counting the dead from COVID-19, and then the rejection of the publication of the General data about the situation of coronavirus in Brazil. Apparently, the last straw in the Cup of patience was the discrepancy in the published Sunday official data of the Ministry of health (the newsletter talked about 1382 deaths per day, and the site in the column of the dead was a figure 525), which the Ministry was unable to explain before lunch on Monday.

on Sunday In response to the actions of the Federal government, the national Board of health Ministers States announced the launch of the portal, which publishes summary statistics on the spread of the coronavirus in Brazil based on data from the regional offices.

on Monday for the same reason the leading mass media of Brazil announced a partnership in the field of collection, processing and dissemination of data on the situation of the coronavirus in the country.

“It is our daily responsibility is to transmit the society credible information. And now in the most difficult time of a pandemic, we need to guarantee people access to the correct data as soon as possible, whatever it takes,” said Director, to fill the Brazilian news portal UOL Murilo was Garavello.

According to the Ministry of health of Brazil on 8 June, for the last day in the country revealed a 15.6 thousand new cases of coronavirus, while according to the summary statistics of the regional Ministry of health, the figure is 19.2 thousand, and according to estimates of a consortium of Brazilian media it is equal to 19.6 thousand. Approximately the same situation is around the number of deaths in the past 24 hours: Federal Ministry of health says about 679 deaths in the summary statistics of the regions in the column “died” is 859 people, and the media – 849.

all three sources also differ from General data about the situation with coronavirus. For the entire period of the pandemic in Brazil ill 707,4 – 711,2 thousand people, where the minimum number corresponds to data of the Federal Ministry of health and the maximum summary data regions. The number of deaths during this period, more than 37 thousand.