In April, the capital’s Federal registration service had registered 3845 agreements on housing, while in may – only 3 093. This is 2.5 times lower than in may 2019, when it was 7589 POS. Nonresidential capital in may was 846 POS, which is 32% less than in April, and 2.2 times higher than in may last year.

in Just five months this year in the capital were decorated 24653 agreement on housing is 29% less than the previous year, when there were 34 869 POS. The real estate market fell less – from January to may, there were 8737 treaties, it is only 12% lower than last year (9 936 POS).

it is Worth noting that the number of contracts of share participation in housing and in the first months of this year, even before the pandemic were lower than last year, but the gap was not so significant. The biggest “gap” was noted in February, when it was 5932 contract against 7207 last year. Real estate, on the contrary, in the beginning of the year bought more than in 2019 – for example, were registered in January 1674 against the Treaty 1331 last year.

in April, the decline was almost double, in may dynamics a bit smoothed over and up to -20%, said the head of Management of Federal registration service across Moscow Igor Maidanov. In his opinion, indicators of June to reverse the downward trend and become a starting point of growth.

Continued collapse in demand and the market of mortgage transactions in Moscow, noted in the company “Metrium”. In may it was concluded by 2.4 thousand contracts, which is 10% less than in April and 65% less than in may 2019. “Such a small number of transactions in the mortgage market have not been observed since January of 2017, when Moscow signed by only 1.9 thousand transactions involving credit”, – underline in the company.

“As you can see, while the subsidy program the mortgage did not affect the market, – said General Director UK “Development” Igor residents of Kozelsk. – However, a large number of requests it receives from clients, attracting the loan, so it is likely that the surge in the number of transactions will be in June or more likely July. However, at this time already sharper manifest itself, the consequences of the economic downturn, when, after the lifting of all restrictions will become clear that many participants of the economy has not experienced isolation. Then maybe spike will not do is to predict the past.”

the Number of transactions in the secondary housing market in may dropped compared to the year 2019 64%. “The may figures of the secondary housing market the worst at least over the last seven years”, – note in “Historical”.

it is not Surprising that may demand indicators were worse than the April statistics April still considered “pre-crisis” transactions, says the managing partner of the company Maria Litinetskaya. The fact that despite all the difficulties, in may, was carried out thousands of transactions, means, in her opinion, that sramotaif the digital mechanisms of remote sales, as well as the fact that the market still left a lot of customers – “in any case, more than in the crisis 2015”.