the Investigation is completed an additional investigation of criminal case about murder of the sisters Khachaturyan his father. Soon he was sent to the Prosecutor General. On Monday, June 29, reports “Kommersant”.

In the case added another three volumes. Investigators again questioned the staff at the school where he studied sisters, and representatives of the Commission on Affairs of minors. All the information, according to lawyers, confirmed that the girl was defending his life. The investigation also continues to believe that the two older sisters are guilty of murder and the younger should submit to compulsory treatment.

In the case that the Supervisory authority will adopt the conclusion of the investigation, the defence will demand the judge with a jury.

Earlier it was reported that the Prosecutor General’s office confirmed the presence of psychological trauma at the sisters Khachaturian, refusing to transfer the case to the court. According to prosecutors, the sisters Khachaturian formed a defensive reaction to an unlawful attempt of his father, created a real danger for their life and health, which allowed them to defend themselves in any way. A criminal case was returned to the Investigative Committee of Russia, where it was believed the protection, it must be terminated, however, the TFR to change the position refused.

3 Dec 2019 TFR has completed the investigation of the sisters Khachaturian. According to investigators, 27 July 2018, three sisters, Khachaturian, experiencing acute personal dislike of his father, struck him numerous blows with a knife and a hammer on the body and on the head and neck. From the received traumas the man died.