For the most part is a sea-going vacationers. This year the traffic has increased. Went and those who had a rest abroad, and those who usually get to the sea by train or plane. People think that to go to his car with his family much safer.

According to “don” you can drive to the coast of Black and Azov seas, which are located on the territory of three regions – the Rostov region, Krasnodar region and Republic of Crimea. But if someone thinks that the track is so straight that you can even route not to build, I sat down and went, he is seriously mistaken. It has many nuances that are best to learn before the trip. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta – Nedelya” did it together with the well-known auto expert Igor Morzharetto.

The closest from Moscow, South of the sea of Azov. His piece is located in the Rostov region, in the city of Taganrog.

– From Moscow it is little more than a thousand kilometers. From the Rostov-on-don Taganrog is located 60 kilometers. On a good road, without straining, you can drive 12-13 hours, – says Igor Morzharetto.

How to get there? Before reaching Rostov-on-don, take the North city bypass and through the airport to go on the route Rostov – Taganrog.

Taganrog – quite a cozy city with a history. The Spa will appeal to those people who want to relax in solitude, chamber, who bother a large crowd of people, as promoted in tourist centers.

the Main disadvantage of Taganrog – the sea is very shallow. Rather, the city is washed by the Taganrog Bay, which is catastrophically small. All major recreation and bathing areas are in the estuary. There is fresh water bitter, but you can swim. Although there are no beaches in the conventional sense.

a Popular place of recreation on the Azov sea – the village of Golubitskaya. But it is in Krasnodar Krai – Temryuk district. There the sea is too shallow but you can swim.

How to go? On the highway “don” through Novorossiysk and Anapa. In principle, the track “don” and goes from Moscow to Novorossiysk. But in the Kuban area from Dzhubga to Novorossiysk called for ease of understanding, the “lower road”. There are “upper road” is a track which starts in front of the Krasnodar gets in the direction of Slavyansk-na-Kubani.

the black sea coast of Krasnodar region can be divided into southern and Northern half. The South is Tuapse, Sochi, North – Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Anapa.

How to go? If the stay is expected in the southern half, then in principle there is only one road in Krasnodar with the track “don” will pass through the tiny Adygea and begin to descend to the sea – to Dzhubga. When they reached Dzhubga, it is necessary to leave the left – serpentine road (E97). To Sochi it will have to go about 200 kilometers. The types of there a rather picturesque: on one side the sea, on the other��Oh – the rock.

do not be Afraid, the road’s quite safe, it was well repaired before the Sochi Olympics, but to relax behind the wheel will fail. Sharp turns will be enough. And hope for quick overcoming of this section is not necessary. The winding two-lane (one lane in each direction). In both directions are constant trucks, which slowly overcome turns. But to overtake them there is the height of foolishness. This solved only local, which are like the five fingers learned the curves of the serpentine.

In the direction of Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk and Anapa from Dzhubga have to go to the right (this will be the “lower road”). It’s the same E97 (part of the route “don” from Dzhubga to Novorossiysk). After Novorossiysk E97 flows into the E115, and after Anapa is again E97. E97 it goes to the Taman Peninsula and goes to the Crimean bridge.

Those who travel to Anapa – a traditional place for recreation with children, you can still drive on the “upper road”. Before reaching the capital of Kuban, it is necessary to go to the track А289, which will lead to the Slavyansk-na-Kubani. There is another alternative route, but in order for him to get, need to bypass Krasnodar, to go in the direction of E115 and move in the direction of Abinsk and Krymsk.

the Second route is shorter, but most of all, in the understanding of local residents. These two roads are predominantly two-way, they many no-passing signs are constantly localities where faster than 60 km per hour will not be dispersed.

unfortunately, while in the Crimea is a direct and fast road ends in the district of Krasnodar. And then – again, either through Slavyansk-on-Kuban or through Novorossiysk. “During peak season traffic jams everywhere and everywhere and difficult. But there are no other options. I suggest to the Crimean bridge to go all the same through Novorossiysk, as well as in Anapa. Mileage is longer, but the route is more clear,” says Igor Morzharetto. After Anapa need to stay the course to Kerch.

In the Crimea difficult to get confused the main road of the Peninsula – route “Tavrida”, which is still expanding. Anyone travelling to Yalta and other cities of the southern coast of the Crimea, we must move through it to Simferopol is the easiest and safest route. Local, however, more like a serpentine through the perch, but it is difficult. There are no traffic jams as “Tauris”, but the quality of the roads are not everywhere satisfactory.

From Moscow to Novorossiysk approximately 1400 km to Anapa need to add another 100 kilometers. To Sochi from the Russian capital, 1,600 kilometers. For Cohocton to see the swallow’s nest, will have to pass from MKAD more than 1,800 kilometers. It is clear that one day this distance can not be overcome. The average cost of overnight stay – 2 thousand rubles for a standard double room.

to Calculate with precision��Yu to liters, how much will have to fill petrol during the trip to the South, does not take any one expert. It plays the role of many factors: the model and class of car, style of driving, whether people in the South still travel. If we assume a very generic, some 10-15 thousand will go only on the way to the sea and back.

From Moscow to Krasnodar on the track “don” there are toll roads. From 28 July to 31 October 2020 they are summer rates, which are traditionally higher than winter. Travel on all toll stations “don” on the car in the daytime will cost 1730 rubles, according to the transponder T-pass – 1471 in the ruble. Those who joined the loyalty program, go for 1250 rubles.