The bankruptcy of the automaker Borgward, a salami recall at Kaufland and more: In this article, our colleagues from CHIP summarize the most important consumer topics of the week for you.

Whether it’s Aldi, Lidl, Rewe or Kaufland: the supermarkets, discounters and drugstores are constant companions for most Germans – be it for large weekend shopping or for a quick snack during the lunch break. Product recalls or production stops are therefore very relevant for many. The same also applies to company insolvencies, important innovations at Sparkasse and Co. and changes for drivers. In this article we inform you about the most important innovations, changes and all other events that affect German consumers.

The traditional car manufacturer Borgward has filed for bankruptcy. The planned revival of the group has probably failed. More on the subject:

Attention Kaufland customers: Because plastic particles were discovered in a salami product, consumption of the goods concerned is strongly discouraged due to the risk of injury. The details:

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Primark has been struggling with the crisis for several years. Low profit margins are now forcing the fashion retailer to close more branches in Germany. The backgrounds:

Due to sudden air loss and a possible belt edge separation, Continental has started an exchange program for over 7,000 tires. No accidents have been reported so far, but the manufacturer nevertheless warns of dangers.

The consumer advice center is currently warning DHL and other parcel services of new fraud attempts in which data are supposed to be tapped under the pretext of a parcel delivery that cannot be delivered.

When it comes to mustard, too, German customers could soon find themselves in front of empty shelves in many places. Since the necessary raw materials are currently very scarce, experts are warning of bottlenecks.

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