the Sports drama “the Last Axel”, which tells about a young figure skater and world figure skating behind the scenes preparing for media service MEGOGO. This is one of the first big original projects for this platform.

the Creators revealed the outline of the plot. According to them, “the Last Axel” is the last attempt of a skater Tanya to make the most difficult jump on the ice and in his life. After the sudden death of his father, a domestic tyrant – Tanya arrives in Moscow to get into the team as a tough coach and speak at the world figure skating Championships. Winning the championship for Tanya – not the pursuit of success, and the desire to gain freedom for himself and his younger sister through a sports grant.

“Compromise with his conscience, the torment of his body, suppressing his fear – she is alive and well solely on the confrontation. Rescue from domestic violence Tanya sees only in more violence against them…” – a quote from the release, which also States that “the Last Axel” is the story of a champion – the rebellious girls and the nation’s best coach two incredible women, who are separated by a generation but United by a love of figure skating. They have two there is one crucial statement, to conquer fear, bullies and inner demons. And the ice is their only salvation.

it is Curious that the series of ordered SPACE Production company, which was founded by two women with strong characters – Daria Lagoni-Fialko and Catherine Lascaris. Both are well-known in mediamira, and in the world series. “This story has the theme of abuse, and the subject of responsibility for his life, and the theme of hardening in sports, says about the new series Daria Lagoni-Fialko. Our project contains vital philosophical paradox about the innocence of the guilty. We want to create a spectacular show, deep, sometimes hard, and sometimes crazy touching”.

the script writer of the series “the Last Axel” – Ekaterina Grigorieva, familiar to viewers of the project “Ambulance” and “the snow Queen”. The Director of a new sports drama – Ilya Shekhovtsov (“Three captains”, “Witness”, “This”). “For me, this material in the first place – an honest look at teenage insecurity, on the formation and articulation of dreams, says Director Ilya Shekhovtsov. – The events and the characters three-dimensional and ambiguous. Even the research topics of abuse here is not one-sided. I am convinced that such characters and such a presentation of history will split the viewer.”

“This project is one of our first big series. We are confident that our audience will love it thanks to the powerful dramatic conflict, a serious ethical dilemma, and of course sports theme”, – said Victor Chekanov General Director of MEGOGO Russia.

the Premiere of the sports drama “the Last Axel” hbut the video service is scheduled for 2021.