the series Premiere, entitled “the Text. Reality” will take place on 3 July. Five episodes will appear on the video service START in one day, so fans of the film and the novel will be able to watch the show. This is a new experience in the domestic industry. This approach to the issue of their series are world leaders, was a pioneer Netflix.

“Text” – the adaptation of the bestseller Dmitry Glukhovski about 27-year-old Ilya Goryunova, who spent seven years in prison on false charges. Coming to freedom, he rashly takes revenge on her abuser, a young officer FDCS Peter Hasina and gets access to his smartphone. Becoming the owner of the smartphone abuser, the protagonist lives, though virtual, life Khazin, as if live their in the end is not established and broken. In the climactic scene of the clashes of the heroes, filmed hand-held camera, until the voltage reaches the peak.

starring Alexander Petrov, Ivan Jankowski and Christine Asmus, for which the role has become one of the most talked about of her career.

the Feature film adaptation of “Text” was released in cinemas at the end of October 2019, collecting about 400 million rubles at the box office. “Text” was seen by about 1.5 million viewers. The film became a winner of the prize “Golden eagle” and the winner of the First prize.

– We added lines that because of the timing in the movie had to be cut or partially removed, – said the Director Klim Shipenko. – You will learn more history of the characters Asmus and Jankowski. Their relationships are nuanced, the audience will get more details about their relationship. In the series applied the principle of “antichina”. We got rid of such techniques as pronounced music, parallel editing, the documentary will instead immersing the viewer in the reality of the work.