The Senate rejected the accusations of the democratic party, but she promises to start a new trial

the Scandal surrounding the impeachment of the us President ended with the victory of the Republicans. The Senate rejected all accusations of the Democratic party, but she promises to begin a new trial.

For a small group of supporters of the Democrats that gathered at the Capitol building in moments of decisive vote, the results had no value. Trump here in advance declared guilty.

In the methods of the protesters, whom police did not release outside of the lawn, however, diverged. Half for the immediate resignation of the current us administration. They hope for the election.

“I’m not one of those who think that the government can be offset by a revolution, but what is possible is to take to the streets. To explain to people that you can’t just sit at home behind a keyboard and write tweets,” says protester Joe Gershen.

But it depends on what “Twitter”. The most important thing in America through seconds after the vote, there is such a movie. The cover of Time promises to Trump many, many victories.

More fully to speak trump promised at noon today. While said Vice President Penny: “After several months of false investigation it’s finally over.”

four More years was the cry from the Republicans in response. Another outcome no one expected. Supporters trump the Senate, the majority of which behaved disciplined.

“Defeat in the presidential election may not be about to attack the victorious President. And also to threaten our institutions of elections and the justice system. This process has brought us a lot of damage. I hope we get this over with,” says Republican Mitch McConnell.

and So it was. 53-47 and 52-48 with this score in favor of the Republicans over the vote on both articles. For or against the senators expressed by name, not secretly. From the General line of the party has deviated only MITT Romney: “I understand that my verdict will not lead to the dismissal of PResident. Most likely my voice will be in the minority in the Senate. Despite this, I want to tell my children and grandchildren that performed my duty to my country. Those who in the future will see the record of this meeting, you will understand that I was among the senators who were convinced then that made a President was illegal”.

For Democrats, Romney is now the hero of the day, but in order to collect the required for early retirement trump 67 votes, they needed fourteen more such Romney. It didn’t happen.

his success, the Democrats did not believe. And therefore even before the final vote on Capitol hill have suggestions what to do with trump after a disastrous impeachment. Still, to get to Congress, John Bolton is one of those offers, but the only thing I have with Democrats is the fact of impeachment. Yes, trump is only the third in U.S. history, a President who was subjected to this procedure. And this will scream in the electoral rolls and no end to remind voters.

“All that we here saw and heard, unfortunately, draws us a picture of a President who had exceeded his authority and put their personal interests above the interests of the nation. Having done so, he threatened our national security. Our country deserves a President”.

In this way by trump thinks about Venezuela. Until voted in the Senate in the White house, he took an impostor Guide, which is arranged directly after the presidential meeting.