The Senate and the White house agreed on a package of measures to support the economy $ 2 trillion

the White house and the U.S. Senate have reached an agreement on large-scale measures worth 2 trillion dollars to assist workers, businesses and the health care system against the background of the pandemic coronavirus. It is reported CBS News.

Republican majority Leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell said that the vote on the agreed bill will pass in the Senate later on Wednesday.

an Unprecedented package of measures to support the economy will provide direct payments to most Americans and will increase the size of unemployment benefits. In addition, a programme of support for small business at 367 billion.

the Government also will allocate 500 billion dollars to support various sectors of the economy. Significant assistance will be provided to hospitals, state governments and local authorities.

“After five days of intense negotiations… we have a bipartisan agreement on the largest rescue package in American history — said the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. Is not a moment of triumph, and moments of need.”

on Tuesday held a conference call with senior White house officials, the President of the United States and several other big investors with wall street, according to FOX Business, citing sources familiar with the situation. According to one of participants of the conference, the White house signaled that the entire aid package for the economy amid coronavirus can cost anywhere from 6 trillion to 10 trillion dollars or more.