If there is one new-age model, who has really aced the whole Greek God-bod look, then hands down it is – Karan Oberoi, better known by the initialism “KO”. No, this topic is not up for a debate or discussion that why we need to know his fitness secrets, being a top male model and becoming India’s heartthrob wasn’t that easy for this gentlemen who is today India’s top male model, who has worked with some of the best brands and designers from the fitness and fashion world. India’s top male model has been frequenting the gym since he was 19 and today, at 31, he loves the high a good workout can help him achieve.


He credits an alcohol-free, drug-free,  sugar-free and nicotine-free lifestyle as the secret to his good health and enviable muscles. As he preps for the shoots quite often, we lay down the secret to his good health and fitness. Here’s how India’s top male model stays in shape:


Karan “KO” Oberoi workouts, fitness routine, diet plan & exercises that helps him stay ripped-


Avoid drugs, alcohol and smoking at all costs.

KO doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t do drugs nor he smokes . He even went on to highlight the poisonous effects of it, on organs like heart, liver and brain. We are not amazed that many health experts agree with KO’s qualms about drugs.


Say no to mid-day oily snacks.

Oily food is not only bad for body building but also constitutes in bad skin. KO understands that it’s very important to have a good skin besides having bulging muscles. Moreover he believes, better to have less muscles than to a have a bad skin. Understanding, food cooked in deep oil leads to pimples and bad health, one should definitely avoid such food.


Eat small meals through the day.

For muscle building it’s important to eat small, frequent meals then eating heavy few meals. Eating more at one time can lead to loss of energy and makes you lethargic. It may also result in sleeping tendency which might become a hindrance if you are working on your fitness.


Keep your workouts as natural as possible.


Keeping your workout as natural as possible and also trying to enjoy rather than doing workout as a duty. Karan Oberoi also known as KO stresses to rather enjoy doing physical activities, may be if you love playing football or running on streets or doing yoga or swimming, it will definitely help you not to just have a firm hard physique but live a healthy lifestyle inside out. Karan Oberoi “KO” loves to do swimming, running on the outdoor, playing football besides gyming which has helped him to get the body to die for.


Keep your self away from sugar

An excess consumption of sugar, sweetened foods or beverages will not only lead to weight gain, it will also cause blood sugar problems and increase the risk of heart diseases. To cut sugar from your diet, start by replacing the sugar in your tea with jaggery and instead of ordering a sweetened dessert, pick a sweet fruit like orange or banana.


Avoid late nights

Oberoi tells us that he’s an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kind of person and its very important for every fitness freek to be in discipline. “To build lean and muscular body, you require a lot of sacrifices. I go to bed by 10:30 pm and wake up at 4.30 am,” says India leading model Karan “KO” Oberoi.