a co-writer to continue the Saga chose Christie Wilson-Cairns from Scotland.

NEW YORK, on 4 may. /TASS/. the new Zealand Director Taika of Waititi, who won the “Oscar” for the screenplay of the film “Jojo Rabbit”, will make the continuation of the Saga “Star wars.” This is stated in the message posted in the blog studios the Walt Disney Company.

“the secret of Waititi, who won recently the award of the American Academy of motion picture arts for adapted screenplay “Rabbit Jojo” and filmed the finale of the first season of “Mandalore” for online-service Disney+, is the Director and one of the authors of the script of the new film “Star wars”, — stated in the message. A co-writer to continue the Saga of the selected Christie Wilson-Cairns from Scotland, which was awarded the British Academy of film and television arts (BAFTA) for his work on the military drama “1917”. This film won the “Oscar” in three categories.

As explained by The Walt Disney, the title of the upcoming film has not yet been matched. Release date of the tape on the screen will be known later.

Directed by Waititi also made such films as “Real vampires”, “Thor: Ragnarok”.

Movie Director and screenwriter George Lucas’s “Star wars” became one of the most notable phenomena of world cinema.

an Unofficial holiday for fans of the franchise — the day “Star Wars” — annually celebrated on may 4th. This date was chosen in consonance with the famous quote from kynoselen May the Force be with you (“let the Force be with you” — approx. TASS) — May the fourth be with you (May — may, fourth — fourth — approx. TASS).

“Star wars” — a series of popular sci-Fi movies and animated series, TV movies, books, comics and video games, which takes place in a fictional universe invented in the 1970s by the American film Director, screenwriter and producer George Lucas. They all belong to the fantastic genre of “space Opera”, cultural studies characterize them as a large-scale Saga with elements of futurism, westerns and fairy tales. In the centre of the main plot of the epic — confrontation noble Jedi knights and of the Sith-followers “dark side of the Force”.

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