the Number of sick and ill by the coronavirus in the state Duma exceeded 10 man and some are still under suspicion. But, like other authorities, the lower house of the Russian Parliament continues to work and meet in plenary sessions – albeit in a special mode and according to a special schedule.

a Week ago, we wrote about some of the features of compliance in the building at Okhotny Ryad masono-glove mode, mandatory in public places.

In early may, the Council of the Duma ordered the deputies to wear in the boardroom and masks and gloves. Many of them sitting at workstations in the room were wearing masks and gloves, but going to the podium, someone was freed from both epidemiological attributes, someone- just from the mask.

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in the mask and gloves, no one in the audience has never seen. In the end, last week he announced a decision that none of the factions are not disputed: the speaker at the podium, the mask may be removed, and he, the speaker, may not wear it at all until over the meeting.

Volodin assured that between him and sitting next to first Vice-speakers met the required social distance, as between him and the podium from which speakers, and between the podium and the first row.

this week, the state Duma met two times: on 21 and 22 may. Opening the session on Friday, the speaker thanked the MPs for the fact that they all wear masks and gloves, “except those you allowed.” “I also promise that as soon as you cease to conduct the meeting, I’ll wear a mask”, he said.

Judging by the photos from the courtroom (webcast on the website of the state Duma shows only the Presidium and the rostrum), masono-glove mode has indeed become almost universal. The mask in the hall put the leaders of all factions, put it on and Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov.

Meetings now decided to spend no longer than 2 hours a day because the ventilation in the room is still disabled and the service life simple surgical masks, which are many – just about two hours.

On the results of testing conducted before meetings and was held earlier this week also reported on may 21, Mr. Volodin. According to him, five deputies of the state Duma has detected antibodies to the virus, which means one thing: they had on my feet without knowing it. “And when they began to ask them, and when you feel bad and what he did, it turned out that they all worked,” said Volodin, urging colleagues feel unwell, stay home and work remotely. The names of the lucky ones with antibodies it did not name, specifying only that it was the deputies representing the CPRF, LDPR and “ER.”

And a few others test for the presence of virus in the body was positive – so they got sick. “And if the test not passed, today they would be among us”,- stated the speaker. In the state Duma “MK” was told that all these MPs just “appeared in isolation”, and now test again.

Until this week announcements have contracted deputies were six. The names of the two cases and their factional affiliation is still not known. First got to the hospital at the end of April, the Communists Leonid Kalashnikov and Dmitry Novikov’s already checked out. Member of the faction “United Russia” Svetlana Maximova – too (she, by the way, according to colleagues-deputies, two tests were negative, she continued to work, and then went to the hospital in Tver with severe pneumonia). While in the hospital remains Oksana Pushkina (“ER”).

“MK” contacted the head of the Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Kalashnikov (CPRF), who is currently serving a two-week quarantine, put each discharged from the hospital.

“I am a man obedient, and is now waiting for the test results to see if we can go to work,” he said. And added that for the past month sick, the drugs used for treatment have side effects to be expected, and it is hoped that the severe consequences of the disease will not leave. “Look here, on “Russia 24″ some sort of Russian-speaking lady from the US broadcasts, that everyone, they say, who had Kovalam, 10-15 years of life lost… Well, who do you think you pull?” – the Deputy laughs.

Agree with Ksenia Sobchak, who recently called the state Duma a “hotbed of infection” on Okhotny Ryad can’t. “Not aware of any case where the Deputy picked up the infection in the Parliament building,” according to the chamber. Besides then, the Petri dish should be called and the Federation Council, where, according to the speaker, Valentina Matvienko, too few senators had contracted the coronavirus.

the building of the state Duma still on a regime of restrictions imposed nearly two months ago, deputies ‘ assistants work mostly from home, the Parliament building, their name is only in the days of the meetings or by special request. Many employees are also working remotely. Buffets and canteens are closed. The inhabitants of the building to eat or what she brought with you, or buy something in the store-cooking, which is open still, told “MK” the staff of the state Duma. At the entrance to the store, check the availability of gloves and masks on the floor – marking of social distance, and if people accumulate a lot, the entrance to the room limit. Products are mostly manufactured and packaged – “to arms nobody took”.

Close to the quarantine Council, like other authorities, where detected cases (where they do not?) no one is going. But the work schedule is changed: next week, for example, while it is planned two plenary��x meetings, on 27 and 28 may, but decided to assemble in the hall only in case of need, if need to take any regular anti-crisis package of the government.

to Make the deputies did not gathered in a hall, it is impossible. To amend the rules of procedure of the chamber, which actually obliges deputies to attend meetings, allowing them to work remotely, it is possible for one day. But remote electronic voting and high-quality video conferencing at 450 people to ensure that it is technically impossible, especially when you consider that the hall of plenary sessions – sensitive sites with special communication…

And how many all it will last is not known.