The second Russian woman caused a scene in a taxi fight

In Bashkiria mother of two caused a scene in a taxi in the style of the fitness trainer from Moscow “take me scum”. Footage of the incident in the car showed the TV-company “Bashkortostan”.

the Conflict occurred due to the fact that the woman had not pointed out that traveling with two children, who should by the rules be carried in a child seat. The driver refused to go without one of the child seats, and the passenger offered to pay him 30 rubles.

as a result the inhabitant of Sterlitamak struck the driver with his fists. When the fight stopped, the driver got out of the car, opened the back door and asked the passenger to get out. A woman came out and wished the driver “accident”. While her children cried.

Later mother told me that was in a hurry, hailing a taxi and is therefore not indicated in children. The fight she gave, trying the driver to take his phone, letting him or her off.

“first He threw to a group of its taxi drivers, and someone started these videos to flip everywhere. I have already started to receive insults, began to receive threats”, – quotes LifeShot the woman’s words.

She added that with the driver already talked and they made up.

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