In the Corona-crisis, more and more countries take tough measures to slow the spread of the pathogen. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) came on the Sunday before the press and proclaimed: by the end of the Easter holidays, gatherings of more than two people are forbidden. Of families, as well as in a household people living with the exception of:.

In other European countries such as Italy or Spain is a curfew, the streets are almost empty. Only the Very to the doctor, to work or to the supermarket are allowed. And in Austria, too, Leaving the own four walls is permitted only under certain conditions, the Tyrol is completely under quarantine.

all Nations do not go in the fight against the Coronavirus, do so rigorously. So in Sweden instead of curfews and regulations on Appeals to common sense. In the Wake of the skiing in the famous Swedish ski resort Åre still in full swing. And, although there since the weekend, more than nine-Corona-patients were identified, such as the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported. Oliver Berg/dpa

Doctor: “It would be appropriate to make Åre quarantined

” Is Åre to the next Ischgl? The Austrian Après-Ski Mecca in the past few days massively in the criticism. This is because the competent authorities had, on 5. March know of 15 Icelandic tourists who had been infected with the Coronavirus attached. Two days later, the first Corona was discovered in Ischgl. Nevertheless, the Après-Ski venues in the municipality, only on the 10th were. March closed, the operation of the lifts continued the following weekend.

Also in Scandinavia, has heard of the scandal in Ischgl, Norway and Finland have closed their ski resorts. Only in Sweden, it is in view of the dramatic situation in other countries, relatively left. Ski lifts are still in operation, events with up to 500 participants allowed. And also kindergartens, schools and catering businesses have opened.

the skiing in Åre is criticized Sofia Leje, the senior Doctor in the small community. You want to avoid a Corona-Drama at any price. The tourists flood had to be stopped, a great rush of Covid-19-patients could not cope with her small Team, she explained.

“It would be appropriate to make Åre under quarantine” – quoted by the Swedish radio channel “Sveriges Radio AB” the Physician. The Portal “Dagens Nyheter” said Leje: “In Italy and Austria, was at an early stage warned of a Corona of infection, but it was decided to carry on as if nothing had happened. One must ask, with a view to the consequences, whether it has paid off this course of action really.”

is Repeated in Ischgl “virus Party” in Åre?

is it: In Ischgl, infected seems to be hundreds of vacationers with the Coronavirus. The authorities had reacted faster, had such a “virus-Party” may be avoided. Lejes fear, in Åre, Sweden could repeat this error, is not unjustified. Swedish media quote a ski instructor, the report of new arrivals from the larger cities. Including employees who were sent to the national health authorities to the Home Office, pupils and students should learn because of the risk of Infection at home. imago image broker

That many Swedes do not seem to hold to the recommendations of the government, to criticize the competent authorities. So Johan Carlson, the chief of the Swedish health authority said on Friday at a press conference: “It is acceptable to perform activities that other people at risk.”

today, Monday, to meet representatives of the Swedish health authorities to discuss restrictions in the Ski sector. It will soon be not only friendly calls, but also actual bans?

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speech of the Prime Minister: in Sweden, more stringent measures possible

Because that superficial requirements, is not help, also show the measures taken by the company Skistar, which holds the Swedish ski resorts open: The number of passengers per gondola, and the ski buses is now limited Instructors may give their students only with ski gloves the Hand. The contact is not there, spacing rules, there are.

A speech by the social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Löfven held on Sunday evening and was broadcast on Swedish television, but hope. In it, he said: “We have a General spread of the Virus in Sweden. The life, health and job are at risk. It is, more people will become ill, more will have to say goodbye to loved ones.“ At the same time Lövfen pointed out that in Sweden, too, tougher measures could come, which will restrict the everyday life and more.

In Åre shows now with some insight. Several Restaurants, Bars and Clubs, presented a report of the “daily mirror” according to your operation. The sheet quoted Bygget the site of the night clubs “” and “After Skin”: “As the focus in the fight against infections is now up to the fact that people gather in the interior rooms, we do not see any other action than this. This is the hardest time, we and our industry have ever experienced.“ Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease