The Scottish Minister resigned because of correspondence with the 16-year-old boy

the Finance Minister of Scotland Derek Mackay resigned. This decision had caused him absurd situation, which turned out to be a politician. Local media published correspondence 42-year-old Minister with a 16-year old boys.

it would Seem that in communication there is nothing remarkable, but McKay called the teenager “cute”, discussed his new hairdo, and was invited to dinner parliamentary events as a guest. As the Minister of Finance questioned whether the boy is a supporter of Scottish independence.

In the resignation policy States that it is responsible for their actions and realize that was stupid. In this case the Scottish Minister apologized to the young man and his family, The Guardian reports.

Correspondence Mackay a teenager was carried out in Facebook and Instagram. The Minister knew of the minority of the interlocutor, but still continued fellowship with him.

the Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgis accepted the resignation and McKay noted that the behaviour policy does not meet required standards.