The scientists said, depends on what talent the child

Most professionals, teachers and psychologists interested in those children who managed to achieve high results in their studies. They are specialized schools: the average of physics and math at universities, the school of music at leading conservatories, art and other educational projects. Success is perceived as a facet of giftedness, – said the Director of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology of education of Moscow state pedagogical University Alexander Savenkov. – But the proportion of gifted children today is variously estimated at 2-5%. Children’s giftedness means intellectual and creative potential of each child.

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what it consists? Here a key role is played by three factors: intelligence, creativity and motivation.

If you really just, you can be very smart, but do not want to do anything and not achieve success. Why is not always so popular today IQ tests can predict a child’s success in life, and certainly they are not able to identify creative people.

Where they “work” best? For scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, these IQ tests can really to a certain extent to predict success in work. But for most other professions, they will not be so mean. Evaluation of the student in the University, incidentally, is also “so-so” figure, and future success in life it is not necessary to judge.

And here that is curious: the majority of scholars-Nobel laureates themselves have characterized their childhood as “happy.” Almost all came from families of intellectuals or businessmen. Most were born in large cities: capitals and cities. In the families of the laureates-writers, as a rule, the opposite is true: the tragic event was for their families a typical phenomenon.

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As told the head of the laboratory of giftedness, Psychological Institute RAO Elena Shebanova, in different areas of giftedness manifests at different ages.

for Example, musical abilities manifest even in young children. As well as math. But the ability of the Humanities are manifested much later in teenagers when children have accumulated a certain baggage. But there are always exceptions.

– If our great musician Schnittke came now in music school, it would not have approved because he started his musical education at 11-12 years. There is always variability. There is no law, which would subordinate everything – said Elena Shebanova.

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