The Earth is approaching a large asteroid that poses a threat to the planet, but interesting for scientists. Astronomers plan to keep an eye on him. This Radio Sputnik told the employee of Institute of space research Nathan Eismont.

“There is ongoing interest in near-earth asteroids. As they approach, you can obtain information about future trajectory, it is sometimes possible to learn more concerning physical features. Those asteroids that pass near Earth are automatically included in the class are potentially dangerous,” — said the scientist.

According to him, these things quite a lot, about 21 thousand. He added that out of them those that may collide with Earth in the next hundred years.

“This research, which are important not only from the point of view of prevention of possible danger, but also from the point of view of understanding how the Solar system originated, how it evolyutsioniruet, and what will happen next. Each such passage is encouraging those astronomers who do this, it is always possible to discover new facts,” — said the expert.