North Korean Leader Kim Jong-UN after a long absence came to light. The first of may, the North Korean leader, inaugurated a fertilizer plant under Pyongyang. A report aired on local TV channels. The people let out a breath, comrade Kim Jong-UN is more alive than dead. The scientist Ilya Anishchenko compared, looked like the leader of North Korea at last year’s meeting with Vladimir Putin at the summit in Vladivostok now. Changes – there.

– I compared last year’s meeting Kim Jong UN with Putin and his earlier meeting with Donald trump. The changes are visible to the naked eye. At that time the leader of North Korea looked stronger, says Profiler. – Look on fresh video. The most striking changes are observed in the moment when Kim Jong UN cut a red ribbon, then raises head, at this point, he had decimated his left eye.

Earlier in the meeting with the President of Russia, his eyes squinting. On the same video with a ribbon, Kim Jong-UN seems lost, goes and sways slightly, as if he is holding himself in his hands, careful not to stumble.

When he turns to take a pair of scissors, then stops, puts it a bit, the movement is inhibited. Not quite confident on my feet.

Another strange phenomenon – he’s constantly open mouth. It is evident that he is worried. Again, the meeting with Putin, he is also very nervous, but her mouth did not open.

When he brought the scissors to the ribbon, his movements were unnatural, it is noticeable that plohovatenko him. Trying to keep his balance. A year ago he was a different kind of movement, smooth gait and is much more confident.

the following video where he applauds the people, Kim Jong-UN has a little cheered, in any case, no anomalies not noticeable, except that the pose is again a little unnatural. Well, when it begins to wave hand, then again decimated the left eye. Maybe his blood pressure had jumped? But this is a question to the doctors.

the Installation in the video, I do not see.

On other frames gait, the leader of North Korea rocking. With Putin, he was much more confident. And wrinkles on his face now, he added.

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