The German actor Ernst-Georg Schwill passed away at the age of 81 years in a Berlin hospital, such as the owl mirror publishing group communicates. According to the German newspaper “Express” should he have had a heart attack.

“The small and always berlinernde actor was very popular,” writes his publisher. “Members, employees, readers and viewers to keep him in good memory.”

awareness through “the scene of the crime”

As an assistant to Lutz Weber, he was in “the scene” thanks to its “Berliner Schnauze” is known. He was also seen in the adaptation of the novel “The tower”.

in 2008, he not published his autobiography, “Is, however, no question”. In it, he also tells of the aftermath of the GDR, in the small roles, had to play – but made with a lot of heart blood. “They give the movies the seasoning,” he says. (bnr)