A Herculean task ahead of Niklas Schlegel (25): The Goalie must enter the SC Bern in the footsteps of Leonardo Genoni (32 to train). Leave the Keeper has for its master.

The CHL-a prelude, the first serious battle of the season, returns a Berner point of view, soothing first insight: Also Schlegel can unpack Big Saves. In the final phase of the start-up period, against the Swedish Team Skelleftea of the new goalkeeper (from ZSC) preserves the SCB prior to a residue. Schlegel does not bring calm, even when in front of his housing, crowding, Gestochere and Chaos reigns.

In the second third is the master of an asset: Mursaks elbow lands to the face of Lundberg, the Slovenian needs for a shower. Goals scored in the duel, in which the Swedes have so far, more game shares, only in the final third. Twice the Caps go in the lead (Ebbett, Berger), twice you have to accept the compensation. Also, because you are not doing enough for the lead even further. The 2:2 drops three and a half minutes before the end.

All of the Bernese fail

The decision, the penalty brings to the shoot. And since Skelleftea is the first and only hit of Lindström for the victory and the extra point is sufficient. Because in the case of the Bernese, none of the Protect the Puck: Praplan, Pestoni, Arcobello, under sander and Scherwey all fail at the Swedish Goalie Lindvall (28) is sunk.

Lausanne loses

Lausanne metzget his CHL debut well, it loses the white-Russian master HK Yunost Minsk only in the extension. This two collect after the Canton of Vaud have overslept in the final third of the Start-up completely and within seven minutes of goals against to 0:2. This residue but you will make again betting by Jooris and Bertschy.