Money is known to love peace. And it is not like the state control Committee of Belarus, which for the second month wool Belgazprombank in the framework of the “case of fraud” in the hold. The latest reports from this front — the detection and arrest of a Bank account owned by the wife of the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Andrey Kruglov, on which rested three million euros. The news is notable in many respects.

I have to Say that the faith of the Belarusian militiamen no. The main defendant in the case, former Chairman of the Board Victor Babariko is both the most powerful and promising rival of incumbent President of the Republic in the upcoming August 9 presidential elections. More precisely, were: 14 July, Central election Commission of Belarus refused to register Babariko.

the Interest of “competent authorities” to it and Belgazprombank was manifested immediately after the banker announced his nomination for the presidency. Moreover, the evisceration of Gazprom’s “daughter” was accompanied by hysterical accusations against Moscow of meddling in Belarusian elections. Know, we say that the “puppeteers” behind Babariko — “big heads “Gazprom” and may be higher.”

But no, as the saying goes, a blessing in disguise. Due to this scandal and this hysteria in front of us opened another tiny piece of the magnificent canvas called “the Life of Russian officials”.

No reliable information about the sources of wealth of the spouse of the Deputy Minister of Finance could not be found. Well, Yes, husband and wife, as you know, one of Satan. The more that this family was very friendly: two foreign currency accounts in the BGB, which in total was 8.5 million euros, belonged to the spring of last year to Andrey Kruglov.

the cooperation with the Bank Kruglov stopped immediately after he passed the civil service — officials are forbidden to have accounts abroad. And until April of 2019, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Gazprom”. This fact of the biography explains a lot and in the origin of capital and the method of their placement.

No crime, God forbid, in this, whatever may be said on this subject, the Belarusian hascontroller saying that for Kruglov and his wife had created some special conditions. Until then, until proven otherwise, all legal. But here, as in that bearded joke: the spoon in place, but osadochek remained.

it is Understandable that it is not about the extraordinary but about the very banal situation. Well, except for that of the country you selected as “safe”. This is just a special case, motivated by purely tactical considerations. It is obvious that even the couple — not to mention the other Grand vapor is the main its “acquired by overwork” holds in other, more secure locations. It is only ascent��shae thanks to a rather absurd coincidence, the tip of the iceberg.

And don’t say you work in “commercial company” removes any question as to the appearance of this and other “Golden mountains”. In fact, “Gazprom” — the state structure. And not so long ago by historical standards, was itself de jure. Until August 1990, soon anniversary — this organization was called the Ministry of gas industry of the USSR. And lived much more modestly. For reference: the salary of the Federal Minister was in the years 800-1000 rubles (the average salary in the country — about 200 rubles).

And that, I think, is worse than working? Quite the contrary. In the year of birth of “Gazprom” in the Soviet Union produced 815 billion cubic meters of gas (in the Russian Federation — $ 641 billion). For comparison, last year’s result, “Gazprom” — $ 500 billion “cubes”. In the first quarter of this year “Gazprom” has received a loss in 116,25 billion. The size of remuneration to members of the Board of the company increased compared to the first quarter of 2019 1.7 times. How much did each separately — secret information.

of course, it is not only in “Gazprom” or the Ministry of Finance. Vague doubts about the fairness of the current gosustroystva torment and when you look at other state-owned companies and government institutions. Oh, how cool would it be right if followed by Belarus the charges of meddling in elections, we presented would still Switzerland with its banks! How much more interesting we would then know how much clearer we would be the concerns and expectations of those who undertook to make our dream come true!