The scammers use the interest borrowers to credit vacation

first, it becomes more of shell companies, which promise borrowers for a fee to resolve the issue of forgiveness of Bank loans.

the economic development Ministry has proposed a moratorium on the bankruptcy at the request of the creditors

secondly, there are scammers who use the fact that citizens in many regions, are now in isolation and are unable to obtain documents proving their financial hardship, your employer to provide to the Bank. Internet users are offered a fake certificate under the form 2 NDFL and fake sick leaves marks on the coronavirus. So they are trying to access personal information of customers of the Bank for its further illegal use for their own purposes. The existence of such a scheme customers told the Bank VTB.

it was recalled that all references are checked by the Bank, and in case of detection of counterfeit credit vacation is canceled. The client will then have to pay your debt in full together with all penalties and fines. In addition, will be tainted credit history of the client, as information about the delay, the Bank will be obliged to transmit to the credit Bureau.