The salaries of teachers and doctors proposed to raise to the level not lower than two minimum wages

the Document was made by a group of deputies from the Communist party headed by the leader of fraction Gennady Zyuganov.

the bill refers to the minimum wage established in the region, in which there are specific organizations education and health.

Photo: iStock For teachers propose to introduce a number of benefits

One of the authors, member of the Committee on budget and taxes Mikhail Shchapov told reporters that now the salary is usually very low – often at the level of the regional minimum Wage. And the amount of incentive bonuses is dependent on many factors and may vary. As a result, each month a teacher, a doctor or a nurse wondering how much they will receive.

This leads to a shortage of personnel and a drop in the quality work of specialists, he added.

the Authors calculated that the minimum salary of teachers and medical personnel at the level of two minimum wages will require about 620,7 bln rubles per year. Additional costs are invited to consider the draft law on the Federal budget for the next three years. For this purpose, the commencement of the bill into force postponed to 2021.

the Government did not support the bill. The Cabinet did not see the document, how it will be governed by the establishment of base pay rates, in regions where not concluded regional agreements on the minimum wage, as well as for employees of organizations financed from the Federal budget.

the review also called unfounded the proposed bill allocation only two categories of employees (pedagogical and medical).