20 percent of the Dutch municipalities are advised also not to have balloons at parties are on the rise. Several parties in the Dutch Parliament want to push for more bans and expressed on Tuesday evening in The Hague concerned about possible damage caused by balloon remnants and plastic waste in the North sea.

Why the ban?

balloons are mammals according to the environmentalists is dangerous for the sea birds and fish. You could choke on the Plastic debris. In addition, the waste to the pollution of the sea and of the coasts. Especially seabirds, are determined according to one study, victims of the balloon remains: researchers had, that 20 percent of the dead found sea birds in plastic garbage, or balloon remnants, the deaths were the cause.

recently, had already told Lauren Roman of the University of Tasmania in Australia: “balloons or balloon parts are the deadliest in the sea.” The probability to die at such a rubber piece that is around 32 Times higher than in the case of harder plastic parts, the researchers wrote in the journal “Scientific Reports”.

The environmental Foundation De Noordzee for a General prohibition of air balloons in the nature. Most of the bans in the Netherlands, there is the Foundation, in the coastal areas and the Wadden sea Islands.

What is microplastic?

As Microplastics, plastic particles with a Size smaller than five millimeters. It is often used as an additive in cosmetic products, but especially unintentionally by crushing, abrasion or decomposition of larger plastic parts in the environment.

Although you are allowed, and so far – ecological, but of concern to all plastics. The health consequences of the smallest plastic particles for the human body are not clear and also. However, researchers at the Federal environment Agency (UBA) and the MedUni Vienna have become in finding micro plastic in the stool of all subjects find.

according to estimates, two to five percent of it enter into the sea, where the waste crushed by the sea animals is taken and the food chain in the people. In addition, it is very likely that the food substances during processing or by packaging with art – and thus also with the micro plastic come in contact with.


micro-plastic can constitute up to ten percent of a product: As a mechanical cleaning agent, for volume, or as a binder.


micro-plastic is available as an ingredient on the package. For example, polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene, Polyester, polyethylene terephthalate, or polyurethane.

product lists

There are Apps and product lists, from which you can take, where micro-plastic is admixed. Free Downloads for example, under www.beatthemicrobead.org


The best manufacturer in the comparison of Greenpeace:

Beier village, Colgate-Palmo-live limited brand Henkel

The worst:

edge corrugated, Personal Care,Revlon, AmwayEstée Lauder

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