The Russians will not remove from the

the Japanese will not be allowed to prematurely evacuate Russian citizens from the cruise ship Diamond Princess, which until February 19 on the quarantine because of the new type of coronavirus. This was announced by the VGTRK correspondent in Japan Sergey Mingazov in the program “60 minutes.”

“the Russian diplomats did not even raise the question of early evacuation of our citizens from aboard the ship and further transport them to Russia. Before the end of the quarantine, the Japanese will not allow anybody to take” — said the writer.

He also said that in recent days the number of infected people on the ship was doubled. “The Japanese have identified a group of 273 people who had health problems, and taking tests that they have. Have to check about 170 people,” said Mingazhev.

He noted that all passengers who have at the moment already diagnosed with the coronavirus posted in Japanese hospitals. “The Japanese assure the situation is fully under control. Allocated more than 400 hospitals fully equipped to accept such patients and isolate them in the wards,” added the reporter, stressing that the identified 273 our citizens there.

Mingazhev Also confirmed that on Board the vessel 24 Russian tourists.

In turn, the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Japan Tatyana Kochkina said that all the Russians on the ship were able to communicate through WhatsApp.

“24 hours we are in correspondence, promptly receive information from our citizens about their needs and problems. We pass the Japanese side and try to quickly settle any issues that arise. First and foremost ensure that our citizens were provided with all necessary medicines”, — said Kochkina.

One of the compatriots, a resident of Vladivostok, located on the quarantine ship, reported some details of the events: “we were given protectivee mask. Today we were allowed small groups to go out on deck to get some fresh air. The main condition — not to approach each other closer than one meter, and in large groups to assemble”.

To the people 24 hours in cabins, was not restricted to locomotor activity, on the screens of their televisions every morning is charging.

the Cruise liner Diamond Princess, on Board of which almost 4 thousand people from 50 countries, is on a two-week quarantine off the coast of Japan. The decision was taken after the 80-year-old Chinese passenger, 20 Jan travelled on this ship from Yokohama, and came down on January 25 in Hong Kong, a week was identified strain of coronavirus.