In Samara have caught the swindler, who tried to implement a rented apartment. A visitor from Chelyabinsk took a two-bedroom apartment in may 2019, the forged documents and immediately placed on one of the trading platforms in the Internet ad about selling it. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

How do I find the police officers to commit a crime a Russian born in 1981 attracted local resident, leading an asocial life. At the sale she was supposed to play the role of a possessive. Scammer accomplice bought decent clothes and a fake passport in the name of the owner of the apartment.

Attackers repeatedly applied to registered authorities and eventually received the necessary for the transaction of purchase and sale documents. During the whole time while I was getting ready to Scam, the tenant regularly paid the rent. That apartment is for sale for 4 million, its real owner found out by accident from one of the potential buyers.

the Woman filed a multi-function centre (MFC) application with a request to ban the sale of real estate without her presence. A few days later she received from MFC notice that the above apartment does not belong by right of ownership, and so she has no right to impose a ban on the registration steps. After that the pensioner appealed for help to the police.

with respect To the lessee and his accomplice, a criminal case of fraud. They are taken into custody and will soon go on trial.

Earlier in June, it was reported that in Russia intensified the scammers illegally using the brands of well-known real estate agencies. Only in Moscow for two months operation mode isolation a number of statements from the citizens deceived by speculators, has increased five times in comparison with the figure for the previous year.