The Russians will deliver drugs by taxi

In the epidemic of coronavirus in Russia allowed the remote sale of medicines. The Aggregator Yandex.Taxi this opportunity, plans to launch a joint project with several pharmacy chains and drug manufacturers.

achieved so far, with some sellers of the drug arrangements, according to “Kommersant”, citing its own sources. It is assumed that to order drugs buyers on the websites of pharmacies, to complete it will have pharmacists and pharmacists, and shipping will take the couriers and drivers who work with an aggregator.

you can make the payment is cashless, but to sell under this scheme will be the only over-the-counter drugs – such restriction imposed by the Russian regulations.

the project will Work, however, only after the government determines the procedure for licensing of remote sale of medicines. According to the interviewed market participants, it will happen in the coming days.

it is Curious that in Yandex.Taxi, according to the newspaper, ready to join and delivery of alcohol – if the remote sale is also allowed. Now this issue is being discussed at the Federal level: last week was made by the bill.

Text: Avtovesti