the Russians will be able to correct wrong information in their credit histories, if the Bank refuses to do so, and citizens will be allowed an unlimited number of times to find out my individual rating of the borrower. About it the newspaper “Izvestia” said the Director-General of the United credit Bureau (OKB), Artur Alexandrovich.

He recalled that in 2021 in Russia, partially will enter into force the law on qualified credit Bureau (KBKI). It will facilitate access of banks and borrowers to information about their loans to calculate the debt burden indicator. Under the new rules, a record of the loans of citizens will be stored for seven years instead of ten, that is, thus will reduce the period during which banks will be able to see some negative information.

in Addition, continued A., the Russians will be able to fix your credit history if the Bank refused to contribute to changes or disappeared altogether. This will require a judgment which will allow the credit Bureau to make changes. Also every citizen will be assigned your own individual credit rating (IFR). Now you can get it free twice a year through the state services portal. Now, however, considered the possibility of providing free unlimited number of times.

Special attention under the new law will be paid to improving the quality of data that will reduce the number of errors and inaccuracies. “Now the rankings of the different bureaus will be comparable. The point is that the citizen can understand, give him the Bank loan or not,” explained Arthur Alexandrovich.

Earlier it was reported that in June, Russian banks have rejected two-thirds of applications for consumer loans from payroll clients. The number of payroll customers for June increased by 21 percent compared to March values. This is the only indicator of the growing demand for retail loans. Experts attribute the increase in requests for loan funds, and low share of approval from a decrease in income of borrowers, and a tightening of banks ‘ lending.