Online Okko cinema will show the concert of the hookah rap HammAli & Navai. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

the Authors of the tracks “let me Go on the dance floor”, “I Want, I’ll come to you”, “How you forget” clips which won tens of millions of views on YouTube, will perform for audiences on may 20.

Morning, 9:00, Okko offers training on strength and endurance in the transfer of “Fitness against the virus”. At 12:00 — a collection of lectures on art from the Ekaterinburg Museum of fine arts, largest art Museum of the Urals, leading an active exhibition and research activities.

by Day, 14:00 is a culinary lecture “Cooking at home with the Novikov School” with a recipe for chicken liver pate. Later, in 16:00, the viewers recommended the collection of popular scientific films about space, which included documentaries about the moon landing, the mysteries of the Sun and stories about the mysterious signals from outer space.

Evening 19:00, the users are invited to watch the concert HammAli & Navai. At 21:00 — Russian fairy tale “By magic”.

22:00 online cinema recommends you watch the exclusive selection of the best short films of the year by the award “Oscar”, which includes as a film-the winner “the Window opposite”, a hilarious and sentimental story about an elderly couple who enjoys watching young neighbors from across the street, and others nominated for the award picture.

Okko provides its subscribers a new type of content delivery: shaped like the classic TV program transmission, but it is personalized and tailored to the wishes and needs of each user, and is also available every day. Read more about main events and premieres online cinema next week read our collection.