The Russians were less likely to complain of bad cleaning of yards

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Licensing of management companies and two-stage complaints system has significantly reduced the number of complaints from residents in zhilinspektsii. “In 2019, the declining trend of citizens’ appeals to the bodies of Gorgiladze preserved: at the end of last year, housing inspectors examined 1.5 million applications,” – said Deputy Minister of construction and housing and communal services, the main state housing inspector of the Russian Federation Maxim Egorov. By results of consideration of appeals last year it was revealed 660 thousand violations. Most of them, 418 thousand, this is a violation of the rules and norms of technical operation of housing stock. These include irregularities in the repair and overhaul of houses, cleaning of common areas and surrounding grounds, inadequate care of the plants in the yard, etc.

“citizens are more and more opportunities and services to Express their dissatisfaction with the quality of housing management, in particular, to address the state housing supervision. Despite this, the number of calls to GZHI in 2019 was reduced by 11.5% compared to last year”, – said Yegorov.

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the Ministry attributed the decrease in the number of complaints from residents since the introduction of licensing of management companies. It “forces those who are not ready to honestly and effectively, to leave this sphere,” the Ministry noted. In addition, zhilinspektsiyu used “preventive control”. “The EUwhether the citizen is not satisfied with something in the service of the house in the first place, they should contact the administering organization, then she will be able to remove minor defects in his work to conduct audit. However, if the management organization does not respond to the citizen – connected government housing supervision. Thus, the amount of fines is reduced, and the quality of service is growing,” – said Yegorov.

Previously, a small reduction in 2019 the number of calls from residents reported NP “housing Control”. According to the organization, the Russians in the past year there have been fewer questions about the payments for housing and communal services, they became more interested in the state of their courtyards and comfortable urban environment.