In the period from 30 March to 5 April, sales of antiseptics in Russia fell 62 per cent to the figures from the first week of March. Reports Russia Today with reference to the data of company “Taxcom”.

In addition, in early April, sales of sanitizers for the hands was reduced by 58 percent by the beginning of March.

In “Taxcom” estimated that the average cost antiseptic in April 2020 was 493 rubles, which is 23 percent more than in April 2019. The average price of sanitizer has grown in 1,5 times in April last year to 274 rubles.

As reported by the Rambler, at the end of January on the news about the coronavirus in Russia is 13 times the increased sales of medical masks. Later in the Kursk region of the mask has risen 35-fold, from one ruble per share to 35 roubles, in Dagestan, the antitrust agencies have recorded a price increase by 650 percent in most pharmacies of Moscow and Moscow region to February 5, mask over, and in some regions even bought construction respirators.

After the masked Russians have been actively buying soap, disinfectant wipes and antiseptic. So, Ozon sales of soap, wipes and antiseptics in February rose more than 150 percent by January.