Experts Roskoshestvo tested 20 different titles of wine beverages on 40 parameters and told about issues that you failed to detect. The study results are placed on the portal of the organization.

the test involved 18 brands from Russia, one from Spain and one from Lithuania. Of these, 16 were made from wine materials and produced four fruit based.

However, in 10 out of 16 found unusual for grape spirits isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen, which indicates the use of fruit spirits. According to the report, the violation of such deviations can not be called.

All drinks is recognized as safe, and the main problems relate to a lack of conformity and marking. Two found undeclared preservatives, three drinks did not match the given criteria “sweet”, and one discovered a synthetic dye, although its concentration is not exceeded, and the label had the correct instruction.

Another two brands claimed the fortress differed from the real one. Most beverages, 16 out of 20 on the label is not specified according to one of the existing in Russia at present standards, though this requirement is mandatory.

drink a Wine called products with a volume of ethyl alcohol from 1.5 to 22%, where at least half of the amount is the wine with the possible addition of rectified ethyl alcohol. The latter can be produced from food raw material, alcoholized grape or other fruit mash, wine distillate, fruit distillates, sugar-containing products. In the drink can also be aromatic and flavor additives, and food coloring.

Previously, Roskoshestvo told about how to choose the right wine to a picnic, recommending white wine classic varieties of the red fruit and spicy notes.