the Russian tourists revealed the secrets of how to save money in the process of organizing trips around the country. This is stated in the results of a study of tourist service OneTwoTrip received by the editors”.ru”.

According to the findings, the majority of Russians, 43.2% believe that it is cheaper to move to Russia by car. Another 19.3 percent said the most budget way to travel — by train, 15.9 percent called such flights, and 8.1 percent — the bus.

in Addition, 13.5 percent have noticed that it is cheaper to travel around the country as part of tours. Among the most popular tours are “all inclusive” and “half Board” — they are chosen by 23.1% of the travelers. Tours only with Breakfast included interest of 12.8 percent, while 2.6 percent of tourists buy tours without food. 38.5 percent of respondents said that the program has values for them.

it Also became known that many Russians, at 42.4 per cent, as a rule, prefer to arrange visits on their own, and only 10.7 percent are willing to buy ready-made tours from travel agencies. While 14.8 percent of respondents consider both options. 32.1 percent said that they did not like to travel in Russia.

Finally, many domestic tourists, 40.2% stated that cancels self drive, even if the same tour will be cheaper. Some of them explained that no one would buy ready-made tour, as I don’t know what to expect.

on 31 July it was reported that Russian tourists has revealed the most desired form of recreation after the lockdown, imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. The majority of Russians would prefer currently to spend a vacation on the beach or would make a choice in favor of the holiday cottage and in the village to be “away from people”.