“Gray” smartphone may fall into “black list” of the manufacturer or operator, so when you buy you must check its serial number (IMEI). About the Agency “Prime” Director told the “Xella” Alexey Buyanov.

He recalled that each cell phone has IMEI and MAC address, which allow the operator to identify the device and disable it if necessary. Many manufacturers offer when you register in any network operator to monitor databases “blacklist” the IMEI codes of stolen phones. So, if the number is incorrect, the manufacturer locks the device, after which it becomes non-functional. Such a system, in particular, have Samsung.

if “gray” smartphone correct IMEI, then no danger of the use of gadget is not responsible: the owner can register it and use it without any problems. Buyanov added that the serial number must be the same on the battery box and warranty card.

At the end of April it became known, the Russians will be obliged to register all smart phones by IMEI from July 2021. Registration is now used throughout the country, devices will be free, but owners of new mobile phones will be obliged to pay for this service. Under the new requirement will be importers, as well as the Russians who will bring a new gadget from abroad.