Today, as estimated by experts of “MK”, pensions close to this are elected officials. So, with the experience of working as a Deputy for more than five years, the pension can be of 46.6 thousand rubles, and with the experience of more than ten years – 63,6 thousand rubles. The same receive a pension and Ministers, but they need to work in positions three and six years respectively.

One of the highest pensions in the country – the astronauts – from 165 to 255 thousand rubles per month depending on experience. Judges after retirement can assign a pension from 70 to 250 thousand rubles. The maximum pension of the military – 85 per cent of salary.

If was promoted to General, the pension will amount to 60-70 thousand in a month. Heroes of Russia receive a pension at 65.6 thousand. Up to 23 thousand rubles provided for the Knights of the order “For merits before Fatherland”.

If a person became a Deputy and was not promoted to General, as told associate Professor of the Department of human resource management REU named after G. V. Plehanov Lyudmila Ivanova-Shvets, in the traditional system of accumulation of pension points and a salary of 60 thousand rubles for 40 years earn a pension of almost 27 thousand roubles. To retire at 59 thousand rubles, according to her, can accumulate. For the past 40 years of work, we need to set aside each month for 16 thousand rubles.

On the website of the Pension Fund of Russia has a “Retirement calculator” is a special electronic service, through which you can calculate the approximate size of their future pension and to learn, what criteria influence its size.

in this RPF pay attention that the received results of calculation of pension of a purely conditional nature and should not be taken as the real size of future pension.

the Actual size of insurance pension is calculated the Pension Fund when applying for her appointment with all the pensionary rights and benefits provided by the pension legislation at the date of pension.

First of all, will strongly influence wages and, accordingly, the insurance contributions made by employers for their employees. If the salary up to the date of retirement will remain high, and the amount of the pension will be appropriate. And in the FIU remind you that the longer a person will work after retirement age, the more will accumulate seniority and pension ratios. And it will also affect the size of future pension.