Analytical service of the Rambler asked the Russians the question: “do you think there is any chance that Ukraine will start the flow of water in Crimea is contrary to its decisions in the near future?”.

51% of respondents believe that the Crimea can do without their help.

“we do Not need their water! Russia will find a way out of the situation. It takes time,” stressed respondents.

45% of voters believe that we should not count on water delivery from Ukraine to Crimea.

“since so much time opposed to the water flow, then wait for another solution is not necessary even in the future”, said they.

4% of Russians answered in the following way: “there is a Chance. They will stand on the side of the people who have been with them for so many years.”

In total, the survey involved 6526 people.

Ukraine should not supply water to Crimea. Such appeal to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the Prime Minister Denis Shmyhalou and the Parliament, as reports the edition “Crimea. Reality,” will perform the Kherson city Council.

Today took place the regular session of the Kherson city Council. On the agenda stood the question of the appeal to Zelensky, Shmyhalou and Parliament about the inadmissibility of resumption of water supply to the Crimea.

“Water the occupiers is unacceptable!” — said the Deputy Sergei Voloshin before the vote.

The Parliament supported the appeal by majority vote: 32 voted, 10 abstained.