The citizens of our country can get the opportunity to vote in elections at the Federal level in electronic format. It is said in the law that may 20 is scheduled to consider the Federation Council.

The paper noted that the cases and the procedure of voting in distance format will be set by the Central election Commission of Russia.

In addition, the initiative allows via the portal “public Services” to collect not more than 50 percent of the signatures required for the registration of the candidate or list of candidates, and also for the appointment of a referendum. The authors of these innovations were the deputies of the state Duma, headed by Olga Savastianova (“United Russia”).

They also prescribed the requirements for completing signature sheets: when affixing signature and date the voter or the participant of the referendum personally is to bring in the document the surname, a name, a patronymic.

As previously noted, the head of the Federation Council Committee on the legislation Andrey Klishas, the possibility of voting by mail is stipulated by the legislation since 2002. To this end, the subjects of the Russian Federation necessary to enact laws for a vote in the appropriate format. The ability to conduct remote electronic voting is not provided, it is necessary to adopt a separate law.

The head of the Federation Council Committee also stressed that the discussion on remote voting and voting on digital stations is not new.

“the Only significant concern in this discussion is the need to ensure the validity of the will and credibility in this regard when determining the results of voting. Public monitoring of the work of the election Commission, additional to guarantee the transparency of electoral procedures will be effective measures for the prevention concerns,” explained the Senator.