Russians in April 2020 for the fourth consecutive month continued to massively withdraw currency from Bank deposits. According to the statistics of Bank of Russia from credit institutions took $ 1.1 billion.

According to the regulator, from the beginning, the Russians withdrew from the accounts of almost the entire amount of currency that has accumulated over the year 2019. From the accounts brought 8.3 billion dollars, whereas last year it was accumulated 8.6 billion. The most significant outflow occurred in March 2020, when the Russians took from the accounts of $ 5 billion. The outcome of foreign currency deposits from banks was observed on the background of the collapse of the ruble and the collapse of the financial markets. On may 1, the Russian banks in the volume of deposits in foreign currency amounted to 88.2 billion dollars. This is 1.2% lower than a month earlier.

reasons for the outflow of foreign currency deposits, the experts call them low yield, and rumors about alleged plans to remove the deposits, said the head of the rating service of the National rating Agency Sergei Grishunin in conversation with belonging to Gregory Berezkin edition RBC. In addition, banks in 2020 have started to close the line of deposits, said senior Director on Bank ratings “Expert RA” Ruslan Korshunov.