Russians have listed the reasons why they can not release abroad. About the Agency “Prime” head of the branch of the Moscow Collegium of lawyers “Zaschita” Anatoly Mironov.

So, to prohibit leaving the country capable of bailiffs, if a citizen has debts or unfulfilled obligations are non-material nature. In addition, such a decision might relate to the military and passing alternative civil service citizens, as well as the Russians having access to state secrets.

in addition, not to produce abroad are travelers that knowingly submitted false information at registration of exit documents. In this case, the offenders will leave the homeland by force. Forbidden to leave the country and a suspect, accused or convicted persons do not have served or not fulfilled before the end of the sentence.

Speaking about the departure from Russia a minor, Mironov reminded that they must carry than a passport, notarized consent of a parent or guardian to travel with the indication of date of departure and state that they intend to visit.

the journey of a child with one parent is better to have a notarized consent to travel. “However, this consent may be sufficient if the other parent has applied to the division for migration of the Ministry of interior, and stated its disagreement on departure of the child,” warned the expert. In his words, then edge service will not release the child from the country.

the Expert added that, according to article 67 of the “Law on enforcement proceedings”, the restriction on travel abroad of the debtor under the alimony for the sum more than 10 thousand rubles, as well as those who have not been compensated for injury or property damage by the same amount, is a right, not a duty of a bailiff.